Endangered Species Program: This link lists statistics about endangered species. It also has article about many of the endangered species in the United States.

World Wildlife Fund: This link is about the world wildlife fund. It shows examples of the work they are doing and information of the animals.

Endangered Species Act of 1973: This link is about this act the congress passed in 1973. This was the start of Americans showing they care about the other animals we share the planet with.

National Wildlife Foundation: This link is about this foundation and the work they do. Also, includes information about endangered species.

American Zoological Association: This site is great. It talks about zoos and different animals located in them. There is great stuff about endangered species.

Endangered Species II: This site has information about the Endangered Specie Act, Endangered Species In Your State, Interesting Endangered Species Facts,  Endangered Species Profiles & Photo Gallery, and Laws That Protect Endangered Species.